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NicheReaper Review

NicheReaper Review

I’ll get to the NicheReaper Review in a moment, but first a quick bit of history…

A few years back I used to run a membership site called

The site delivered list of high paying AdSense keywords for people to target niche sites around. I closed it down a few years back, largely because the company hosting it for me lost the whole site and I didn’t have all the files I needed to re-set it up, and neither did they. There may also have been a bit of laziness on part too… 😉

Anyway, a couple of years ago I started looking at a way of re-visiting the concept, but with the idea of making it far more automated, and far more powerful in the information it delivered. I’ve been working on it, with a partner (Gary Prendergast) for over two years now, it’s taken us that long to get it to do what we want and deliver something that no other service offers…

and we’re about to let people in!

Watch the NicheReaper Review video below, with more info below the video…